Friday, August 12, 2011

We, Too, Would Gladly Sing, America

I woke up today, after listening to some of the "debate" in Iowa, and realizing that the main qualification for elective office most of these sorry souls is their determination to rise to power at the expense of others, whom they habitually, viciously villify, decided to respond with my take on Whitman and Hughes.

                   We, Too, Would Gladly Sing America

                We, too, would gladly sing, America,
                But for those who tell us
                Our voices will never be welcome.
                We, too, are carpenters, and masons.
                Teachers, astronauts, soldiers, police,
                The darker brother, the lighter sister.
                We, too, pay taxes, and serve on boards.
                Our children play in the schoolyard with yours.
                They do the same math, and tell adjective from verb.
                We, too, shiver, as you stand in your pulpits
                Preaching that your god hates us
                As did the Jews when Hitler rose,
                Climbing to power on their bones
                Drinking blood mixed with ashes.
                We, too, would gladly sing, Amerika,
                But for your insistence that our voices
                Are not worthy to be heard.

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