Friday, December 9, 2011

Not So Merry Perry

GOP Presidential candidate and current Texas governor, Rick Perry this week ran an ad in Iowa claiming that it's a shame that gays can serve openly in the military while Christians cannot openly celebrate Christmas, or pray in public schools.
Gotta love the BIG LIE strategy!
There is absolutely no prohibition regarding prayer in school. Anyone who wishes to do so, may do so, in any faith or language, openly or obscurely. The school may not lead or conduct the prayer, but any student or staff member may freely participate.
The last time I checked, there were no laws prohibiting the "open" celebration of Christmas either. Society at large, having concluded that there are actually citizens living here who do not hold the belief, has apparently deemed it reasonable and appropriate to share the somewhat more inclusive Happy Holidays greeting with strangers.
Mr. Perry, in his quest for the glittering crown of power and glory deems it appropriate to demean, dismiss and continually denigrate others, so that he may climb upward on their broken spines. He is clearly in the middle of Seinen Kampf.
So, Merry Christmas. Happy Channukah. Happy Kwanza. Happy Holidays.
Unless, of course, you're gay.


  1. That man... open mouth, insert foot. Even in the Republican debates, he repeats every sentence twice, just using different words... or sometimes the same words in a different way. His debating skills are lacking to say the least. Can't believe he had the audacity to make a video stating that "it's a shame". He's going DOWN!

  2. The truth of the matter, Elaine, is that Perry, Bachman, Gingrich, Santorum and the like, dwell in such a muddled, confused and spiritually and mentally low place that they really can't be put down any further. They have already lowered themselves to a place so dark, stagnant, and evil, there is no lower dwelling place for them. All they can do now, is hope for enlightenment and begin the long climb back to the realm of humanity, compassion and peace~~~