Sunday, December 11, 2011


Dear Jesus,
     Good morning! I'm sitting here enjoying my Sunday morning pot of cinnamon-laced coffee and thinking about you. I don't often go to church these days, but your official followers have been making headlines, again, and not much in a warm, spiritually encouraging way.
     And, I have questions. Lots of 'em. In as much as you seem to be a pretty welcoming sort with a decent sense of humor, I thought I'd run 'em by you, just to see what you think.
     I' ve read, on a number of occasions, that your actual Hebrew name is Yeshua, or Joshua, and that the name Jesus is, in fact, a Greek version of it. Kinda neat! Josh, Son of God. I  think it's pretty cool!
     My first questions concern religions. What exactly, is your take on formal, organized religion? How do you feel about that Muhammed fellow starting another one, in competition with Judaism and Christianity? Any thoughts about all the blood that's been shed in the name of religion?
    What's your take on that Luther guy and his nailing those ninety-five theses on the church doors in Wittenburg, and the HRCC booting him out? How about the pudgy king, and his lust-driven foundation of another branch of Christianity?
     I'm thinking that all the stuff the Muslims are doing to each other lately, like blowing up the opposite branch during religious festivals might seem pretty strange to you, too.
     But the bit that continues to puzzle me is the folks who claim to be your followers continually dumping steaming piles of doodoo on just about everyone else, especially Muslims and gays. Have you caught the pastor in Florida who planned to burn copies of the Koran, or Rick Perry's pal who described the Muslims as being satanic?
     How about that Baptist church in Kentucky this week, declaring that interracial marriages are forbidden?
     Have you seen the news about the Catholic Archbishop of New York pitching totally apoplectic fits about gay marriage? Or the Anglican Archbishop in Nigeria praising the laws which would incarcerate gays, or people who speak out for gay rights?
     Loads of crap being slung, all in your name!
     So, diligent fellow that I am, I decided to take another look at the old New Testament, just to see what you've actually said about this kind of thing.
     All I was able to find were instances where you spoke about prayer, about serving, turning the other cheek, loving one's enemies,and forgiveness, and the bit about the lameness of self-exaltation.  The only times I saw you truly ticked off, you were yelling at the Pharisees, calling them "whitened sepulchres", a pretty nasty bunch, indeed! Then there was the time you went ballistic about the cheating money-changers, and did your own  "OCCUPY THE TEMPLE" gig! Pretty cool!
     Nowhere did I see anything about you hating anyone, ever. So, I'm thinking that the folks who claim that God hates fags, and Muslims, and anyone at all, are probable just angry at their own lives, and that taking it out on others is the easy path for them.  Maybe they're just tryna establish their own props at the expense of others, kinda like Hitler did with your peeps. Jus' sayin'.
     Anyway, I'm gonna go watch the NY Jets play some football.
     I want to thank you, in advance, for taking the time to read all this. I would greatly appreciate a response when you have a chance.
   Meantime, I want to wish you an early Happy Birthday! Also, please give my warmest regards to your Mother, Father, and of course, to my friend, the Holy Spirit!


  1. Good stuff my brother...very good stuff. If you do get a response, please do share it with the rest of us. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we could all benefit from a new word or two from the son of the big one.

  2. Ahhhh, I like this...from the morning coffee to the Holy Spirit. Well said, well done. I can see a book deal coming! Have a merry merry!

  3. well said! people seem to do things in the name of religion, making their stance more "believable". who are we to judge anyone? we should just "love your neighbor as you love yourself" and the world would be a much better place.
    so happy that the jets beat kc but denver's win throws any chance of raiders making the playoffs down the toilet. (yes, i'm one of those... raider fan)