Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another BASE note

   So, lemme see if  have this business aright.
   A bunch of young Republicans at UCB held a bake sale. The price you paid depended on your claimed etnnicity. Whites paid $2, Asians $1.50, Latinos $1, Black $.75, and Native Americans $.25. Women got an additional $.25 discount.  No discounts were asssigned to persons claiming Gay as their subgroup, mostly, I guess, owing to the fact that Gays are, in the larger social context, not permitted to have the same cookies or cupcakes as non-Gays.This event was purported to be a protest against proposed laws which would take into account race, gender and ethnicity in collegiate admissions policy.
   Interesting form of protest, especially when you consider that ethnic, racial, and gender subgroups often needed to use bake sales, rent parties, and various other subgroup methods to afford tuition, housing, and food costs in a social structure which had/ has for so long denied said sub-members access to all of the above.
   For the very life of me, I am hard-pressed to recall events in which groups of Republicans anywhere have held bake sales in support of anything, or anyone at all not White, Straight, and mainstream Protestant.
   Mayhap someday, after they have a chance to get to know a few of those other folks, who might actually be enrolled in their schools.

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