Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Look at all the silly little children

If you caught Erin Burnett's Monday evening opener for her new OUT FRONT spot on CNN, you might have wondered if you were hearing correctly. I know for sure that I had to double, then triple check to be sure. And, yup, the hearing was just fine. What appears far less fine was Ms. Burnett's depiction of the Wall Street protesters as silly, oafish clowns. She actually referred to one as " "Hero" Vincent, suggesting that he had a self-aggrandizing view of his participation in the protest.
Basically, she clowned on him. And, on all of them. Totally.
But, I get it now. Mainstream media is absolutely OWNED by big $$$, and will, in no way, take the side of the little folks.
A Huffington blog this morning higlighted the inconvenience the protesters were causing local shop owners.
Maybe she should rename her blog, the Tory Times.
BTW: In case you might think that I am capping unfairly on Ms. Burnett for her skewed piece on the protests, please be advised, she has just announced her engagement to Citigroup exec David Rubulotta.
Nice reporting job Mrs. $$$.


  1. lol at Mrs. $$$!

    Everything in this country is privatized. Everything is owned by someone. This is the beginning of the end.

    Not to be pessimistic haha!

  2. TYVM, Alycia, for reading the blog. Glad you enjoyed it.