Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let Them Eat Pizza

   In response to the recent Occupy Wall Street movement, businessman, Herman Cain, former Godfather's Pizza Chairman & CEO, current contender for the Republican presidential nomination, and all-around swell guy has declared war on the protesters. Calling them "jealous", and accusing them of "playing the victim card" while "looking to take someone else's Cadillac", Cain has broadened his appeal to the virulent, extreme right wing ( is there any other wing, these days?) of the Republican Party.
   Cain claims that they are anti-capitalist because they are protesting against the bankers and Wall Street. You know, the good folks who, through sheer avarice, created the broken, outsourced, bankrupt, foreclosed economy we're all living in today. The ones, who, along with coroprate CEOs, are still in the midst of the "good times", while the nearly dead middle class struggles to meet the bills, and put food on their tables, and into their childrens' mouths.
   Mayhap, he could borrow a line from Marie Antionette's alleged response to hearing that Parisiennes were starving. Yesterday's "Let them eat cake" can be today's "Let 'em eat pizza."


  1. I like that you like this! :)
    And, TYVM for signing onto the blog! :)

  2. how fitting "let 'em eat pizza" being that Cain was former head of Godfather's Pizza. i understand why people are "occupying" wall street but it's not completely their fault. because of government interference (both left & right), our country is in the mess it's in.
    love your blog posts!!

  3. Happy to have you read 'em Elain! :)
    And, TYVM for following the blog!